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Dome Deco to unveil new showroom at AmericasMart

Dome Deco will move to a new showroom on the 15th floor of Building 1 at AmericasMart Atlanta, which was formerly occupied by Phillips Collection. December 20, 2019

The company will use their current showroom on the 13th floor to promote their Immediate Delivery goods. “We are open daily and have a great demand from the local design community to purchase immediate delivery goods for design projects,” says Atlanta Showroom Manager Ilse Ballay. “We see this as an industry trend to note and leverage.”

While the Dome Deco brand has a longer standing in Europe, the brand is eager to grow its business in the U.S. “We are grateful beyond words for the stellar reputation that the Belgian office has created for us, allowing us to expose this amazing brand to the upscale retailers and interiors designers that are the Dome Deco customer,” says Scott McKearn, North American sales manager.

Dome Deco will serve Prosecco and a Bubble de Jour at their Bubble Bar in the Main Showroom in Bldg. 1 on the 15th Floor (1-15-A6) throughout market. Buyers and media are invited to attend the “Toast & Tour Grand Opening Event,” which will take place Friday, January 17, from 3–8 p.m.

“The showroom in our home office in Belgium is unparalleled and a destination for buyers from around the world,” says U.S. Distributor Sangeeta Gupta. “Our showroom locations in Paris, Milan and Frankfurt are all top tier as a result of our strong position and presentation in these markets and at these furniture fairs. We have a corner booth on the main aisle in the IHFC InterHall in April, and with the new Atlanta showroom location, we are right where we need to be to grow this brand in the U.S.”