Terms and Conditions


Opening Order $1000 $2000
Discount 55% 62.5%


  • Account application: Website Registration or Information entered by one of the salespeople in our sales system or self registration on the website
  • Sales & Use Tax ID Certificate(copy)
  • Opening order $1,000
  • Minimum reorder $1000
  • Orders under $1000 incur a surcharge of $100


  • Account application(details entered in our sales system or the website)
  • Sales & Use Tax ID Certificate(copy)
  • Physical location with products on display and available for sale
  • Opening order $2,000(rep may waive for qualified accounts)
  • Minimum reorder $1000
  • Orders under $1000 incur a surcharge of $100

  • Stocking Dealer tiers are intended for Retail and Trade Showrooms. 
  • Designer accounts may be given Stocking Dealer pricing as an exception with a $10,000 minimum order.
  • Discount levels are based on an opening (or one-time) order and are not cumulative.
  • Designer accounts who have been given Stocking Dealer pricing may be dropped to Designer if they have not purchased more than $10,000 a calendar year (annualized).
  • DOME DECO RETAILER & TRADE SHOWROOMS – exclusivity opportunities are available. Please reach out to one of our Sales Team members or send your inquiries to [email protected]
  • Suggested retail is 3X mark up from Stocking Dealer.


All orders must accompany a payment method. We charge a 50% deposit at the time of confirmed order submission, balance plus shipping cost charged before shipping. All orders must be paid in full before shipping. Not having a valid payment method may delay the order process and the loss of reservation of stock.


Most products will ship by LTL. Freight expense will vary widely based on customer’s requirements – for example, commercial or residential location, loading dock or liftgate required, inside delivery, white glove delivery, etc. Specific shipping instructions in must be selected or mention them in order notes. Most of our products are not packaged in a way to ship via UPS & FedEx. Those orders must ship on a pallet.

Customer can arrange their pick-up on pick up the order from our Warehouse in Bayonne NJ. There will be a $50 / will-call fee for customer pick-ups. There may be an additional crating fee if palletizing is required. If the order is not picked up in the time frame provided to the customer, it will incur a 25% restocking fee. Each shipment incurs an individual shipping charge. We will split ship the order if it meets our minimum order amount unless instructed to ship complete.


  • Orders are to be submitted via an agency-generated Purchase Order or through our website or POS. For those without an order entry system, a clear legible customer PO is to be provided. Dome Deco US does not accept orders within the body of an email.
  • Changes or corrections that are made to orders must be submitted within 48 hours after the receipt of order confirmation. Any changes in the order later may result in a change in the availability of the products. We work on the FIFO model.
  • Always include unique order details as specified by the customer, including deadlines, install dates, side marks etc.
  • All ACCEPT/CONFIRMED orders must consist of the following: Complete Customer Information – Contact First and Last Name, Company Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone Number, Email address. Shipping preferences, CC information or Dome Deco CC authorization form and a signature from the customer.
  • All ACCEPT/CONFIRMED orders must consist of the following: Complete Customer Information – Contact First and Last Name, Company Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone Number, Email address. Shipping preferences, CC information or Dome Deco CC authorization form and a signature from the customer.
    50% deposit is required before we start to process the order.
  • Once the order is placed on the website or through POS the salesperson and our office will get the email acknowledgment. All changes or errors on the acknowledgments be submitted to DOME DECO via email within 48 hours. All acknowledgments should be reviewed by the customer and the salesperson for accuracy.


You are responsible for reviewing all the information on the order for accuracy and communicating the product information to the customer. Our catalog and website shows important product details regarding material, dimensions, usage, country of origin, and detailed dimensions.


Number of our furniture items come in different finishes and materials. Variations are under the options tab on the product information screen. You can find more information about our materials and fabrics by following this link https://materials-specifications.domedeco.us


Dome Deco upholstery is available in 32 different commercial grade fabrics, although, if a project requires a specific type of fabric outside our offered options, we can get the frames without upholstery which the customers can get upholstered locally.


Warehouse processing time for the US in-stock items is 5 business days once payment is received. For items in stock in Belgium, the Lead time is 6-8 weeks based on our container schedule. If the product needs to be produced or is a custom product, the lead time is 16-18 weeks. Please pay attention on the website to know if it is marked as a production item.
All under minimum orders with the under minimum fee included in the order will be processed and shipped without additional approval from the customer.


This document will be emailed to the primary address on file. It will provide delivery times on item level and will either be accompanied or followed by your prepayment receipt of 50%. UNDER-MINIMUM SURCHARGE Orders under $1000 can be submitted, with the payment of $100. Shipping charges are separate from this surcharge.


We email a copy of the invoice to the Customer and Sales Rep at the time of shipment, along with shipping/tracking information & ETA. This document provides information regarding what was shipped vs. what they ordered, as often times this is not exactly the same due to back orders or drops.


Dome Deco takes great pride in providing high-quality products to our customers. We thoroughly inspect all products before shipping and sufficiently package our products to meet NMFC specifications (National Motor Freight Classification) to ensure receipt in perfect condition. It is rare that damage occurs in transit but following the instructions below will ensure recourse should damage, concealed damage or shortage occurs.

The freight carriers we use to ship your order are responsible for delivering the product without damage or missing items. It is the Consignee’s responsibility (you & your receiving company), BEFORE signing the delivery receipt, to confirm the number of cartons/pallets received and immediately open and inspect the contents of your order. If the box looks damaged or compromised or you cannot inspect it while the driver is there, you need to sign the delivery receipt “DAMAGED,” “SHORT SHIPMENT,” OR REFUSE the shipment. Dome Deco is not responsible for freight or concealed damage. The freight carrier is, so you must file a claim with them. 

You must:

  • Inspect all sides and corners of boxes for any damage. Even if minor, this needs to be noted on the delivery receipt.
  • Count all the boxes/pallets to match the number of boxes/pallets on the delivery document.
  • If a delivery receipt signed without notations of damages or shortages - Dôme Deco is NOT responsible for replacing or repairing any damaged items or replacing shortages.
  • If you have signed the delivery receipt DAMAGED, you must take photos of the boxes and keep all original boxes and packing material until the shipping claim is processed

IF RECEIVING DOCUMENTS ARE NOT SIGNED FOR PROPERLY, you or your receiving company will need to file your freight claim with the carrier. Freight companies will require photos of the damaged merchandise, boxes and internal packaging. DO NOT dispose of damaged goods until you are informed to do so by the corresponding freight carrier. ALL FREIGHT (SHIPPING) CLAIMS MUST BE FILED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF MERCHANDISE.

Filing a defective claim

If you need to file a defective claim with Dôme Deco, please email the following info to: [email protected]

  • All claims must be filed within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise or will be denied. You can find our claim form on our website.
  • Properly signed delivery receipt, including Dôme Deco order or invoice # and customer account #.
  • Photos of boxes, all four sides (exterior & interior, showing packing material) & items upon receipt of all necessary information we will advise if the claim is approved and proceed with a repair, replacement, or credit. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE FILED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF MERCHANDISE.

If your shipment had shortages, i.e. the delivery receipt states you are to receive 10 boxes but only receive 8, you must note the shortage on the delivery receipt and keep a copy for your records. If this is not noted, Dôme Deco and the freight carrier are not responsible for the short shipment.

Drop shipments

If a customer chooses to drop ship your Dôme Deco shipment to an enduser, it is the customer’s and the sales person’s responsibility to educate them on the proper receiving instructions above. Dôme Deco and the freight carrier are not liable for freight damage if the above actions are not taken.