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For International Sales Reps, see here. For Hospitality-specific sales reps, see here. Otherwise, please select your state below to see reps in your region!

If you cant find your rep, please email us at [email protected]!

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International Sales Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
Juan Jose Sotus[email protected]787-604-6584Latin America: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,
Costa Rica

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Hospitality Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
David Fine[email protected]513-260-9234OH, WV, MI, IN, KY
David Williams[email protected]404-274-5623MT, WA, ID
Heather Jakusz[email protected]702.280.4510AZ, HI, NM, NV, UT
Joel Robinson & Associates[email protected]404-274-5623GA
Keith Stibler[email protected]754-204-6422FL
Ramsey Davies[email protected]818-652-6391Hospitality Manager US-Wide
Rick Brownlee[email protected]908-507-7322DE, MD, DC, VA, West VA
Marcy Kirschner[email protected]732-446-6209 ext. 105Upstate NY; West PA

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West Regional Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
Cookie Briardi[email protected]949-584-5346South CA
Heather Jakusz[email protected]702.280.4510AZ, HI, NM, NV, UT
Ulla Drell[email protected]503-819-7230WA, OR

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Southwest Regional Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
Amy Golightly[email protected]512-468-7422 Austin, TX & Surrounding area
Cherry Bernish[email protected]214-707-9324Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Addison, TX
Colleen Tolar[email protected]713-825-1151 SW Houston, TX
Holly DeLeon[email protected]210-241-5696 San Antonio, Corpus, Laredo, McAllen, TX
Joann Crawford[email protected]713-829-0012 NE Houston, TX
Mindy Lowack[email protected]214-563-5392 Fort Worth, TX, West TX
Peggy Beil[email protected]972-489-1515East Dallas, East TX, Tyler, Waco, Temple, Allen, McKinney, Denton, TX
Sonya Cranford[email protected]918-639-2729 OK

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Midwest Regional Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
Jenna Kelly[email protected]414-412-1680WI
Jennifer Balota[email protected]314-581-9140South IL, East MO, MO ZIP Codes 630-639, 650-655 and IL ZIP Codes 618-629
Judy Hill[email protected]248-705-8300MI
Judy Jones[email protected]317-879-6589IN
Lori Funk[email protected]515-320-0571IA
Lou Ann Stovall[email protected]913-269-3689KS, West MO
Regina Wilson[email protected]507-412-3060MN, ND, SD
Tami Gleason[email protected]708-751-5282Chicago, IL ZIP Codes 600-617
Wendy Buzzard[email protected]913-568-5655NE, OH (Midwest Sales Manager)

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Southeast Regional Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
Ilse Ballay[email protected]404-474-4363GA, TN, AL (Showroom Manager Atlanta)
Bob Worsham[email protected]919-744-8333NC, SC
Dana Rock[email protected]561-866-3341 AR
Denise Smith[email protected]225-933-6656 LA, MS
Patricia Curtis[email protected]941-400-8351FL (excluding Panhandle)
Rick Brownlee[email protected]908-507-7322DE, MD, DC, VA, WV
Sheryl Watts[email protected]810-659-1159KY

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Northeast Regional Reps

Rep NameEmailPhoneState(s)
Debbie Goldstein[email protected]516 313-8196Long Island & Queens, NY
Marcy Kirschner[email protected]732-446-6209 ext. 105Upstate NY; West PA
Emily Snow Davis[email protected]215-859-1066RI, West MA and South VT
Hanan Goldstein[email protected]516-313-4856Long Island & Queens, NY
Jaimi Meister[email protected]201-410-6023North NJ, NYC
Kathy Kralich[email protected]203-219-1435CT; NYC, Westchester and Lower Hudson Valley, NY
Mary Augustin[email protected]267-249-0922South NJ; East PA
Mary Beth Cabrey[email protected]603-475-1909ME; NH; East MA; North VT

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